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New National Agency to investigate and intercept allegations of money-laundering activities

Finance Minster Edward Scicluna said that a National Agency on Economic Crimes will be set up to investigate and intercept alleged money laundering activities, which will be collaborating with the Police, the FIAU, and the MFSA. He explained that it will have prosecution powers and will include the participation of experts who investigate major organised crimes.

During a meeting with investors from the Financial Services in the UK and the Malta Stock Exchange, the Finance Minister said that talks are underway with the UK Home Affairs Minister for Malta to obtain recognition about the setting up of the Agency, so that it will be effective.

Minister Scicluna said that Malta is committed to preventing and tracing money laundering activities. Prof Scicluna renewed the Government’s commitment to implement the recommendations made by Moneyval.

He explained the challenges and measures which the Government has taken which have led to economic growth and the strengthening of public finances.

The delegation is to hold meetings with the PM and Ministers so that they can better understand the advantages which are offered by the Maltese economy and to analyse the possibility of investing in Malta.

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