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New painting of Maltese Cardinal Prospero Grech

A painting of the Maltese Cardinal Prospero Grech has joined the collection at the Mdina Cathedral Art Museum. The painting is by artist Filippa Bianchi who studied the character of the Cardinal and listened to how he wished his portrait to be created.

During the presentation of his painting to the Museum, Cardinal Grech said that he was very happy with the painting because Filippa Bianchi managed to show his various qualities with her paintbrush, including the fact that he is a Bible professor. The painting was carried out in recognition of the long years of service which the Augustine Monseigneur has given to the Church.

Cardinal Grech is almost 93 years and despite the fact that he is visually impaired from one eye, he is still studying and writing with the aim that the knowledge he has managed to obtain about the word of God is not lost.  Cardinal Grech is a professor of the Holy Scriptures, has written various books and has even set up an institute for the study of Catholic doctors who lived in the first centuries.

Cardinal Grech is known for his jovial character as well as for being a consultant on the Congregation of Faith at the Vatican.

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