New programmes to help victims of human trafficking

The programme for next year to implement the Budget measures in the field of equality and new reform measures dealing with prostitution and against human trafficking were explained by the Minister Helena Dalli and Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli during a press conference.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship, Reforms and Simplification of the Administrative Process, Julia Farrugia Portelli said that in 2019 several reforms need to come into effect including those to fight against human trafficking.

Mrs Farrugia Portelli said that programmes will be launched to help those who have become victims of human trafficking and prostitution to help them get out of the problems they have found themselves in.

Minister for Equality and European Affairs, Helena Dalli said that initiatives will be taken to have an agreement on how the number of women in Parliament and decision-making posts can be increased to improve equality. Dr Dalli said that as from next year all employees will be benefit from an extra day’s leave.

“We are giving the second day of vacation leave which falls on the weekend, which is an electoral promise to give back those days which had been taken away. We speak a lot about family-work balance and this measure will contribute to this aspect. We are also saying that a person can no longer remain on the minimum wage for more than a year, and we have also increased the minimum wage.

Minister Dalli added that the country has continued to reform its laws on domestic violence and gender-based violence.