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UPDATED: New rules for horse-drawn carriages – no more ‘karozzini’ on the roads between 1pm – 4pm

Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Welfare Clint Camilleri said that through a legal notice published today, there will be new regulations for the popular horse-drawn carriages (karozzini). These regulations stipulate that horses can only be used three times a week and cannot work when the sun is at its peak in the two hottest months in summer.

During a press conference Mr Camilleri said that this type of transport falls under the regulations for alternative transport. However, more respect will now start being shown towards the horses who pull the carriages, rather than simply seeing them as a means of transport.

He explained that between the months of July and August, between 1pm – 4pm, no one can drive karozzini on the roads, and the horses need to be placed in the shade and given water.

He explained that another rule is that the horses can only work alternative days, and this means that if a horse works one day, the next day it needs to rest. The journey cannot be longer than 45 minutes and the karozzin cannot carry more than four passengers.

Clint Camilleri said, “I believe these regulations will create a balance between the rights and wellbeing of the animals and the traditons and commercial activity of the karozzini owners.”

This newsroom asked the Director for Animal Welfare, Noel Montebello, how he will ensure that these regulations will be enforced.

“We have already created an action plan so that our enforcement officials will be monitoring the places where karozzini are used to ensure that they are in the shade, and that the new regulations are being obeyed. In other words, we have put the plan into place before the legal notice was published so we are prepared for it.”

Parliamentary Secretary Camilleri said that these regulations are linked to another law which was passed in Parliament last week, by means of which fines for animal cruelty have been increased. Whoever is found guilty of animal cruelty can incur a fine of €65,000 for the first offence and €80,000 for the second offence.

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