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New San Vinċenz De Paule complex welcomes first elderly residents

The new building at San Vinċenz De Paule complex has received its first elderly residents in the new wards which are equipped similar to hospital ones.

The patients’ transfer is underway in phases, with the majority of elderly persons being posted in the new section are elderly who lived in the community.

Television Malta visited the building and spoke with officials and new residents.

The first 60 elderly persons in the community, who were in the waiting list to enter in elderly homes, have now started a new page when they were admitted in the new hall of San Vinċenz de Paule residence extension, which will provide 500 other beds to elderly residents.

The extension consists of four blocks, is a partnership project between the government and a consortium of private companies. It will address the waiting list of elderly persons who couldn’t live alone due to their dependencies. Rooms can accommodate up to three elderly persons. The residence chief executive, Josianne Cutajar, said the rooms are equipped at a hospital level.

“The beds are equipped with hospital bedheads with oxygen passing directly from the manifolds to the beds; that is we do not carry oxygen cylinders. They are all electric beds, both for the elderly comfort and also to workers’ needs”.

Apart from the rooms, the new facility is equipped by a Hydrotherapy pool, a gym and a hair salon.

Ms Cutajar said the residence offers all the needs for long term treatment to elderly persons. The admission of elderly persons in the new building is being gradually made, according to the health needs of the residents.

It is planned that the 500 beds will be occupied within another five weeks by elderly persons, 80% of whom are in the community.

82-year old Ġorġina Buġelli is one of the 60 elderly persons admitted in the new building in recent days. She told Television Malta she feels welcomed in a beautiful environment. “There is a lot of space, it’s beautiful; however as a house wife I wish I had my own house”.

After visiting the new facilities, Family Minister Michael Falzon and Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing Silvio Parnis said the facility will operate on a new model with private partnership.

Minister Falzon said “we are seeing a new concept where the private sector carried out the investment. The private sector has the concession to manage the same complex for certain long term, and ultimately it will be government owned property”.

Silvio Parnis stated “this is the biggest gift we could give to our elderly persons because they have a high quality residence”.

Despite the removal of the medical health emergency, swab tests are being made to each elderly person being transferred to the new section.