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New scheme to assist companies in equipment investment for workers with disability

A new Malta Enterprise scheme is aimed at facilitating and encouraging more persons with disability to enter the labour force, among others, with investment in equipment and infrastracture at the place of work.

Latest figures in Malta indicate that some 4,000 persons with disability have a job with the majority of them males. The figures may be considered as low  when compared with the rest of the European block.

The government, through the Malta Enterprise, the Commission for Persons with Disability and the support of the Enterprise and Inclusion Ministries, launched a new scheme that will provide re-imbursements to companies who apply to invest in equipment, structure and new technologies such as movement sensors, among others.

Mr Malcolm Pace, chief executive of a local manufacturing company, said that his company will invest in one of the workers to facilitate his working day. “We have a person on a wheelchair and we will invest in an electronic wheelchair….we work with batteries and this connects with this system”.

Addressing a media conference, Enterprise Minister Miriam Dalli said that persons with disability should be the agents of change in this regard. “We will cover 90 per cent of the expenses for a total of €10,000, so that if a company needs to do certain changes, this will facilitate the company to employ persons with disability”.

Social Inclusion Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said the scheme is a clear sign of the government’s commitment to improve the rights of persons with disability, adding that the scheme connects with the pillars of the national strategy for persons with disability which will be announced soon.