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New sectoral agreement for Police Force – salaries increase and better working conditions

A new sectoral agreement has been signed between the Police Force, two unions which represent the Force members and the Government. Major benefits in the agreement include that Police members will no longer work 46 hours a week, while all the grades – from Constable to Inspector – will benefit from salaries increases and better conditions of work.

Police members will for the first time benefit from a 40-hour working week as other workers, and will no longer work 46 hours a week and are paid for 40 hours. Time worked over 40 hours will now be paid as overtime.

Officials of the two unions which signed the agreement – Malcolm Bondin and Sandro Camilleri – said that the agreement gives the necessary respect to police members, among others.

Malcolm Bondin stated “the package is a balance between family friendly measures and the financial benefit. These are two things that the Force suffered from and unfortunately we worked long hours – 46 hours a week – and this meant a lot of time lost with the family. The agreement of 40-hour a week means more time with the families”.

Sandro Camilleri said “The 40 hour measure will automatically raise the hourly and overtime rate. The Police allowances were greatly increased – a constable used to receive €300 a year, now the officer will receive in full €1,600 a year. Members will go up a scale from the least scale of a Constable to Inspectors which means salary increase that is also reflected in the pension”.

The agreement was agreed for the first time with the two unions that represent the Force members: the Malta Police Association and the Police Officers Union and was unanimously approved by their members.

Interior Minister, Michael Farrugia, stated that the agreement will also provide for more investment in the Force. He said that a Prosecution Unit will be set up within the Force in the coming months so that Inspectors will have more time to investigate and do not lose time as prosecutors in Court.

Principal Permanent Secretary, Mario Cutajar, described the agreement as a historic one after Police officials were given the right to join a union of their choice, adding that the agreement will strengthen efficiency in the police force.

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