New solar energy panel scheme starts tomorrow

Families wishing to invest in renewable energy or whose solar panel system contracts have expired, will be able to apply for two new schemes from tomorrow.

Sandro Lauri from the Agency for Energy and Water said that one will be in the form of a grant for the purchase of panels or batteries for energy storage with a feed in tariff of 10.5 cents; the the other scheme will receive a 15-cent higher feed-in tariff instead of a grant.

“Those who benefit from a grant can invest both in solar panels and in panels that have a battery integrated with them. Those who want to may add a battery on system that is already installed under an old scheme.”

The Minister for Energy, Miriam Dalli said that the Government was investing € 9 million in what it described as the largest investment in renewable energy for residents.

“We are addressing those people who already have solar panel systems and today are looking at battery storage to be able to store the units they produced and consume when they are comfortable doing so but we are also looking to help those families who have been on tariff feeding schemes that have expired after six or 8 years. ”

Minister Dalli explained that a panel will last about 20 years and she would like families who bought this equipment to get the most on their investment. He explained that together with the main partners MDA, Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Small Enterprises, proposals for more renewable energy for domestic use and the commercial sector are being discussed.