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New space dedicated to national poet Dun Karm Psaila inaugurated at Mdina Cathedral Museum

Dun Karm Psaila’s memory is now permanently commemorated at the Cathedral Musuem in Mdina with a space dedicated to the national poet. Consisting of video footages and his heritage, Dun Karm is being kept alive with current generations and with followers, local people and tourists who visit the museum.

The museum’s curator Mgr Edgar Vella said that after years with a room dedicated to Dun Karm, the museum has restored another hall for what is called as ‘the space of the national poet’, with a more minimal space to accommodate some of his belongings – such as a mandolin he used to play; his pen, relics, medals and a chalice. Video footages in various languages are also available to recount the poet’s story.

“The space today revives the life of Dun Karm, contrary to the previous room where visitors were given the impression of being in a room of someone who had died. Now visitors will have a golden opportunity to listen to and watch his story and will have to best souvenir about the national poet – Dun Karm’.

A joyful and good-humoured person, Dun Karm was a mandolin player, participated in plays on stage and was a friend to everybody. Apart from his priesthood, he was a teacher of many subjects, a linguistic and published his first book in Italian in 1896. Dun Karm published his first poem in Maltese “Quddiem Xbieha tal-Madonna’ in 1912, however his best known work is the current Maltese Anthem which was sung for the first time at the Manoel Theatre in 1923.