New statute for Beata Maria Adeodata Pisani at the Benedictine monastery in Mdina

The Church in Malta today celebrates the feast of Blessed Maria Adeodata Pisani. The day was chosen by Pope John Paul II when he beatified the first three Maltese people in a ceremony at the Granaries in Floriana in May 2001. The 25th of February recalls her death in 1855, at the Benedictine monastery in Mdina.

The memory of this nun is being commemorated with a new statue which has been newly blessed and placed in a niche of the chapel of the same monastery.

The Blessed Maria Adeodata Pisani will be remembered by a statue in her image which was made for the Benedictine Monastery in Mdina where she lived a life consecrated to God. In the niche there is a relic of her skull and a piece of her the hands.

The mother superior of the monastery explained that the thing that stood out most in her life was the time Maria Adeodata Pisani devoted to prayer and love for the poor who would knock on the monastery door.

“She would give up her food to give it to the poor who knocked on the door, but she did not just help from a material point of view, but also spiritually. She would offer them words of consolation. The most outstanding thing about her is that she was a Eucharistic soul, a soul of prayer. She often spent the night in prayer and the nuns would find her fast asleep at the alter early the next morning. ”

The new statue evokes these qualities. The artist Alfred Camilleri Cauchi explained that he worked on the image of the Blessed known to people in a popular holy picture of her with a book in her hand and a loaf of bread in another.

“The bread was her way of doing charity, and the prayer book was the one they would pray with during the night and also by day. I also made her on the move, taking a step forward and one backwards …you know you are constantly changing your mind ”

Knight Camilleri Cauchi explained that the cross she is wearing now – for the feast – is the original one she wore, although he worked on its imitation for this to be worn throughout the year.

Assisted by his son Aaron, the statue was sculpted in mahogany in a process that took about ten months until it was refined and painted in polychrome.

“This is the eighth titular statue that came from our workshop. Seven are in Malta and one in London.”

Maria Adeodata Pisani’s room who lived out her religious life in the monastery for twenty five years until her death at the age of 48 years is still intact, and is treasured and kept in pristine condition by the four cloistered nuns currently in Mdina.

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