New technology at MCAST a hindrance, not a help

It appears that the new technology installed at MCAST during this summer for use by students, is not functioning properly. Consequently, instead of helping – it is hindering the academic life of students. .

MCAST students spoke to, and explained that through the installation of this system all academic material had to be transferred online. Among the material – timetables and attendance lists.

Unfortunately however, students who spoke to this website, said that efforts were, at best, half-baked. A student gave as an example, his timetable, saying he could not rely on it due the fact that the timetable was constantly changing.

As a result, this particular student had to stop working on a part-time basis, because from one day to the next he would receive time-table changes – with lessons and classrooms constantly changing.

They went on to say that despite all this, they felt a great lack of enthusiasm among the staff for the problem to be solved and sorted out. also requested the reaction of the student organisation – Pulse, which confirmed and acknowledged the problem, describing it as a serious one.

In fact, the Secretary General Noel Mifsud said that this problem was particularly disturbing, because there were still a large number of students who were still adapting themselves to College life, while several others were at the end of the road, and about to graduate.

Mifsud called for immediate attention for the necessary changes to be made in the system, so that it could be up and running as soon as possible.

He concluded by commending the initiative, which he still believes is positive since the digital age was the way ahead, but still called for a solution until the system was fixed.