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New temporary permit for foreign workers to work immediately in Malta

With effect from Monday  a temporary permit system will come into effect, authorising foreign workers to start working immediately, once their request for a single permit is granted.

It was declared in a statement issued by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification of Administrative Processes that once an applicant presents the final documents, his biometrics are taken and his employer notifies JobsPlus about the employment, the applicant will be able to start working immediately and without having to wait for weeks for the final document to be issued.

This was announced by Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli during a meeting with a number of social partners. The Parliamentary Secretary explained how this measure which is being introduced by Identity Malta will continue to simplify its processes without in any way corrupting security controls.

It was pointed out in the statement that verifications by the Police authorities and JobsPlus will have been carried out before the applicant is notified of the decision when applicant is still outside the country. In the event that the stipulated requisites are not honoured, the process will be stopped immediately. Besides, the temporary permit is not valid for travel purposes.

Mrs Farrugia Portelli stressed that as a result of this new procedure, whilst further reducing pressure on the labour market, the possibility will be reduced of these workers working without the necessary authorisation. It was further stated that this step will be strengthening the operational arm of Identity Malta to enable it to be better prepared for demands by the economy  and people’s needs.

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