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New treatment for persons allergic to peanuts

Scientists at King’s College in London have stated that if a person suffering from an allergy to peanuts wants to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, that person has to be exposed to peanuts.

This discovery, in fact, states that allergic persons should be exposed to a small dose of peanuts on a daily basis, with the aim of getting their body used to the peanuts so that when they are accidentally exposed to peanuts, they will not suffer a spontaneous attack.

Despite this step forward, scientists say this discovery should not be considered as a cure but is simply protection against minor attacks. The scientists still appeal for caution and attention when this treatment is administered.

Dr Alexandra Santos, who conducted the study, stressed on the need for treatment for these allergies, which in certain cases can also prove fatal, being felt even more.

Dr Santos said the new treatment can also have bad effects, as the person receiving it might stop the treatment and imagine he or she is no longer allergic. Dr Santos explained that this mainly affects youths, who she added have been found in the study to be more unpredictable than adults.