New US Ambassador presents credentials

G. Kathleen Hill  has presented her credentials as the new United States Ambassador to Malta. Ambassador Hill said she looked forward to working to strengthen relations between Malta and her country.

G. Kathleen Hill  presented her letters of credence to the President of Malta as the new US Ambassador to Malta. This is G. Kathleen Hill’s first posting as an Ambassador.

G Kathleen Hill (1)“I have the honor to present my Letters of Credence as the US Ambassador to Malta. I also have the pleasure of conveying President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s warm greetings to your Excellency and the people of Malta,” Ambassador Hill stated.

Ambassador Hill has replaced Gina Abercrombie Winstanley, who has returned to the United States after formally ending her diplomatic mission in Malta. Hill had been appointed Ambassador by the American Secretary of state, John Kerry, on 13 January.

Hill has served the US Government in various postings, including Canada, Italy, Uzbekistan and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Her latest appointment was as Consultant to the Office of the Executive Secretary in the Department of State.

Ambassador Hill said this was not her first visit to Malta, as she had already been here in 2011. Ambassador Hill said she looked forward to starting her duties with the aim of strengthening relations between Malta and the United States, and also to get to know more about Malta and the Maltese.


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