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Nigel Farage won’t be contesting UK General election

The leader of UK’s Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, said he would not be contesting the general election on 12 December, but will be giving support to the 600 candidates contesting with the Brexit Party. Farage contested the general elections to gain a seat seven times, but has never been elected to the British Parliament.

“I thought very hard about this. How do I serve the cause of Brexit best? Because that’s what I’m doing this for. Not for a career. I don’t want to be in politics for the rest of my life. Do I find a seat, try get myself into Parliament, or do I serve the cause better traversing the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, supporting 600 candidates? And, I’ve decided the latter course is the right one,” qal Farage.

Farage criticized the agreement reached by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the UK to exit the European Union, and said that it is worse than were the UK to remain in the European bloc. Johnson earlier rejected an invitation for an electoral alliance with Farage’s Brexit Party, and said that an agreement with other parties at this time would open the door to electoral victory for Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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