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Nigerian girl died of medical condition caused by anemia – Minister Michael Falzon

The Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity, Michael Falzon said that the Nigerian girl died at the Emergency Department as a result of a medical condition caused by anemia and not as reported, because of malnutrition.

He said that blood tests carried out on the girl’s two siblings following the issuing of a care order, shows that there is no malnutrition. He also said that the girl was living with her family in a property owned by the Dominican sisters but they were not under their responsibility. Nor was she living in a home managed by Appoġġ or any other Government agency.

Minister Falzon said that right now, Aġenzija Appoġġ is investigating 151 cases of child protection orders.

Speaking during the adjournment of Parliament on Wednesday evening, the Minister said that the same agency is following the cases of another 270 children who live with families who require support while it is also working with 400 children and adolescents who live in residential homes or foster care.

While pointing out that the Police are only involved in the Magisterial inquiry, the Minister of the Family said that the Government is openly considering all recommendations to improve the services provided by its agencies.