Nigerian sends marriage proposal on FB to marry quickly

A Nigerian man uploaded an advertisement on Facebook to find his new love and marry the woman within seven days.

Chidimma Obodeochina Amedu gave 24 hours’ time to interested women to contact him.

His choice was based on the woman that suited him most. He therefore met with Sophy Ijeoma, also a Nigerian national, who lived in another town some 500 kilometres away.

Chidimma stated he didn’t want to loose time as a year before his marriage plans were cancelled on the eve of the ceremony.

Sophy said that initially she took the invitation lightly, however when she saw him, she couldn’t stop looking at him when they met in Enugu, two days after they contacted each other on Facebook.

Sophy and Chidimma married a week after in the Igbo traditional rites, and hope to marry again in a religious ceremony in church.

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