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Nine-month sentence for approaching his mother and asking for money despite Court protection order

34-year-old Darryl Luke Borg has been handed down a nine-month prison sentence after being found guilty of threatening his mother, breaching a Court-imposed protection order prohibiting him from going anywhere near her, and breaching conditions imposed by the Court.

The Court, Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo presiding, also ordered that accused be placed under a two-year treatment order to be helped to overcome his drug habit, and also issued a three-year protection order for his mother, Jane Borg.

The case goes back to 26 October 2019, when accused had gone to his mother’s shop in Birkirkara and asked her for money. His mother Jane had asked him to leave and in the ensuing commotion the people in the shop went out. The mother then closed the shop and together with her daughter went to the Police Station to file a report.

Along the way, accused started opening the door of his mother’s car and asking for money, telling her some Arab persons were chasing him. When he realised his mother was not going to give in, he continued shouting and tried to snatch her mobile. The mother told the police her son has a drug problem, and a protection order was in place.

It emerged from evidence in Court that Darryl Luke Borg has undergone drug rehabilitation programmes but after some time he would end up back on drugs. The Court noted from accused’s conduct sheet that he had been given a number of opportunities for reform, but carried on with his bad lifestyle.

The Court handed down a nine-month prison sentence, from which the time spent under preventive arrest will be deducted.


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