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Nine youths participate in programme to develop artistic skills

Nine young artists are participating in a programme led by the Malta Arts Council in collaboration with the Aġenzija Żgħażagħ aimed at enhancing their talents. The artists are being trained for a year by established artists in their artistic field.

The nine artists were selected to participate in an artistic voyage which provides them an opportunity to be guided by established persons who have already achieved success in their field. These are Howard Keith Debono, Toby Farrugia, Miriam Cauchi, Tom van Maldaren, Ceaser Attard, Caldon Mercieca and Joseph Debono.

Diane Cutajar is an 18-year old university student studying Maltese and Psychology. She writes in Maltese and English and her dream is to eventually publish her works.

“I wish that a person who reads a publication I write understands what I have written so that he may interpret the writing during his life”, Diane stated.

24-year old Matteo Depares dreams of a professional career in music production and hopes that his talents will be accepted abroad. “Mostly I want to go to work abroad…..that I produce something on an international level”.

The programme ‘Artivisti’ is ultimately aimed for the artists themselves to serve as an inspiration for the future creative generation.

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