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UPDATED: PM says whoever leads EU needs to reflect European diversity and unity

The leaders of EU member states, including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, were in Brussels yesterday to discuss the candidates for the most important EU institutions following the results of the European Parliament elections which led to the Centre-Right and Socialist parties losing their majority while the Liberals and Greens increased their number of seats.

It is being reported that there is no agreement between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, with the former supporting the main PPE candidate, Manfred Weber since it is the political group which obtained the greatest number of votes on Saturday.

At the end of the meeting, PM Joseph Muscat said that the discussions had been productive and balanced, while adding that the decisions about who should lead the EU need to be taken in the spirit of diversity and a vision which unites member states.

There is still a long road ahead before agreement can be reached to decide who should occupy the highest posts in the European institutions, including that of the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council.

Tusk in charge of consultations with European leaders

During a press conference following the informal meeting in Brussels which took around three hours, current European Council President Donald Tusk, made it clear that the EU Treaty requires that the European Council needs to propose names for these top posts which then require the approval of the European Parliament.

Tusk said that during the meeting, no names were discussed. He promised that consultations with all the EU institutions will be carried out so that as much as possible consensus will be reached on the people being nominated.

Speaking about the Euro Parliament elections, Tusk expressed his satisfaction for the highest turnout in 25 years. Tusk added that Saturday’s elections confirm that the EU is still strong and will be able to face any future challenges.

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