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No more conjugal visits for prisoners

Intimate sexual relations which used to take place between the four walls of the prison between prisoners and their visitors during conjugal visits, have become a thing of the past. This is after the new Director General, Col. Alex Dalli decided to remove the door of the room where these visits used to take place.

Although TVM has received complaints because this privilege has been removed, investigations carried out with people who are highly aware of what is going on (who are neither prison wardens or the authorities) pointed out that these conjugal visits had become disgusting, especially for relatives of the prisoners who were waiting to have their own extended visit.

Sources have confirmed with TVM that the room used for prisoners to have contact with their relatives had ended up like a bedroom for some of the prisoners when their girlfriends or wives came to visit for two hours once a month.

Although some relatives complained with TVM that by removing the door they had lost any semblance of privacy, others who know the situation well, said that the closed door had created a situation of unseemly behaviour for a place such as the Corradino Correctional Facility.

All the prison facilities were being scrutinized by the Commission which was appointed last month to draft reforms for the prison which has a population of 600 prisoners. They are housed in an old building which is feeling the pressure of lack of space, even for the needs of the prisoners themselves. The Commission’s Chairman, Anthony Ellul who will be presenting his report by next month, said that the Commission was considering the possibility of building a new facility.

“I have to say that no hypothesis is going to be discarded. Today we already have a facility besides Corradino, which is at Mtaħleb, known as YOURS, so it is not being excluded that the prisoners can be housed elsewhere.

Mr Ellul told TVM that the Home Affairs Minister has asked for a prison design brief. Apart from building an extension or building a new facility, this should also include the necessary maintenance .

“Refurbishment works which are very necessary are going to be carried out, especially in certain divisions which unfortunately have not seen any maintenance in a while. I am informed that in two weeks the first immediate maintenance works will start, which includes electrical and water services works.

Mr Ellul said that the Commission is taking heed of the complaints and requests by prisoners and their relatives as well as that of the prison wardens.