No need to notify the Housing Authority about temporary rent reduction agreements

Over the past few days, the Housing Authority has received a number of requests from landlords wishing to reduce rents due by tenants during this trying time.

In the light of this, the Housing Authority is informing the public that if the amount of lease stated in the registration of the contract with the Housing Authority is reduced temporarily during this period, there is no need to alter the registration of the contract. The Housing Authority warned that while it had to be notified immediately when a lease was terminated, this notification did not apply in the case of agreement between the parties as to the amount of lease paid.

Housing Authority’s CEO, Leonid McKay, said that, “where there are temporary lease reduction arrangements related to the current situation, the Authority need not be notified. Our goal as Regulator is to always facilitate the owner-tenant relationship to ensure that the tenant has proper housing rights and the landlord has a fair return on his investment. ”

In the meantime, the registration of new lease contracts could continue to be recorded at en . For more information, you can contact the Housing Authority on 22 991 010, via email at [email protected] en or by sending a message on the Facebook page, Rent Registration Malta .

This, also in light of the fact that the Housing Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Housing, has already informed the public that the late contract registration fee is not being applied, while an adjusted rent benefit is being granted immediately to families who are out of work due to circumstances related to COVID-19 and / or adjustments of the same benefit to persons experiencing domestic violence.