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No new cases of COVID-19 in Malta – two others recover

On the second day of a new normality in the wake of the lifting of the health emergency, the health authorities have continued to release good news regarding containment of the Covid-19 virus. At the same time, the authorities are warning that this stable situation can only continue if mitigation measures are followed against the virus, which is still active and will remain active until a vaccine is discovered.

Besides not finding any new case of coronavirus after 892 swabs were carried out in the past 24 hours, the health authorities confirmed that two other patients have recovered. This brings the total number of active cases down to 13.

The health authorities stated that the Covid-19 situation in Malta now appears to be under control after few or no new cases have been reported for a number of days. They added that this has led to the lifting of the majority of preventive measures within the community, including the gradual re-opening of the airport and port for travelling.

The authorities further stated that the pandemic has not ended, and will not end until a vaccine is discovered. They explained that the virus is still circulating within the community, both locally and outside the country, and the possibility of person-to-person transmission of the virus increases the more a person is exposed closely and for a long period with another person who may be carrying the virus.

For this reason, the authorities are insisting that the most effective measures in prevention and control of the Covid-19 infection are based on social distancing, hygiene and the wearing of masks or visors. The authorities also appealed for these principles to be followed by everyone, in order to ensure the situation in Malta remains stable.

The health authorities further stated that with the lifting of measures including the re-opening for international travel, observance of these measures of mitigation is essential to keep Malta and the public free from Covid-19.