No permit was issued for Valletta protest – those who contravened Covid regulations are being identified

The protest against Covid-19 held in Valletta this morning was part of a movement that took to the streets in various countries to appeal for the liberty of the individual to be respected. Originally the demonstration had to be organised by Human Heath Alliance, but they withdrew a few hours earlier, claiming the Police had not issued a permit. The organisation said it would contest the decision in the Constitutional Court. However, various persons still attended the event.

The protest was held under the watchful eye of a small number of Police officers. Asked by Television Malta about the number of persons issued with a summons, including because they were not wearing a mask, a Police spokesman replied that approval had not been granted for this demonstration to be held and investigations were ongoing to identify persons who could have breached regulations linked to Covid-19.

A call to respect the choice of those not wanting to be vaccinated against Covid-19 was one of the main messages of the group of people in Valletta this morning. They also argued that restrictions should be removed as they went against the freedom of the individual.

The crowd, made up of both Maltese and foreign nationals, stopped at various points in Valletta to deliver its message, including Tritons Square and in front of public buildings like the Palace, Castille and Parliament. Many persons were not wearing a mask, and social distancing was not being observed.

The protesters argued that the vaccination should not be imposed, stating that when this happened, one would b living in a dictatorship rather than in a democracy. They further stated that the authorities in Malta are overdoing things, and accused the media of not performing its duties properly. They also stressed that the vaccine should not be given to children, and some also spoke out against the Green Pass.

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