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No petrol will be available from automatic pumps

Following a meeting held on Monday evening, petrol station owners who are members of the GRTU agreed that as of today, petrol from automatic pumps after the stations close, will not be available.

This means that service from the pumping stations will only be available until 6pm, when the stations close.  The owners met to decide what action to take after an agreement was not reached with the Government about increasing their profit margins.

The Secretary for the Petrol Station Division within the GRTU, James Meli told TVM that the increase they were given in 2011 to modernise the stations was not enough while pointing out that the increase in the number of petrol stations in the country was making their situation more difficult.

On his part, Energy Minister Joe Mizzi said that the Government had offered an increase to the stations but did not wish to pass on any increases to the consumer.

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