No team sport competitions are allowed

The guidelines for sports includes a specific session for those sports which are played in teams. For this category, athletes can only train and do drills in the open air.

Games and psychical contact between one athlete and another is not allowed. Athletes need to retain a three metre distance from one another at all times. If the training is not rigorous it is recommended that masks or a visor should be worn for certain sports.

Athletes are not allowed to shake hands, take photos or any other physical contact.

In order to train for football, basketball, handball, netball, horse polo and rugby the guidelines specify that the ball needs to be disinfected before every training session and every 15 minutes.

For sport disciplines where apart from a ball one uses other equipment such as baseball, cricket, hockey and canoe polo one also needs to disinfect the bats and the machines used to throw the ball needs to be used in alternate turns. As much as possible athletes are urged to practice baseball and cricket on their own.

In the case of volleyball, including beach volleyball, apart from the rule to disinfect the ball before training and every 15 minutes, only one player can play against the other, in order words, doubles training is not allowed.

In the case of waterpolo training, this can be done in a 50 metre pool and divided into three sessions, which can then be divided into three sub-sections in which a maximum of five athletes in each section can train apart from the section in the middle which cannot be used. There also needs to be a buffer lane between each section. With them, outside of the pool there can be a coach who needs to wear a mask.

You can read the sports guidelines here.


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