Non-essential shops and services to re-open on 26 April

PM Robert Abela has announced that on 26 April, non-essential shops and services will be able to reopen.

During a press conference in which it was announced that schools will re-open from Monday. Dr Abela also announced that the rule of two people gathering outdoors will go up to 4 people on 26 April.

He said that other measures will remain in effect and enforcement will continue.

The PM advised the public that measures may be reintroduced or extended as necessary especially if pressure on our hospitals increases once again, so we need to remain responsible. 26 April will not be the moment to relax the observation of restrictive measures either.

He said that in this way we can look forward to opening restaurants, bars, the return to organised sports and other activities.

This all depends on the way we manage the relaxation of measures. The dates when other measures will be lifted will be announced according to how circumstances develop.

He said that together with health authorities, the Government has scheduled 1 June as its target to re-open tourism in a pro-active way as our country can be advisertised as one of the safest in Europe because of its vaccination programme.

He said that work is being carried out with owners of bars, restaurants and hotels to safeguard tourism this summer.

He said that the country has a €20 million budget aimed at encouraging tourists to come to Malta.