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“Not a question of ‘them’ and ‘us’, but we all have to seek that which unites us” – PM

Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat has asked the people to reflect on the crime in connection with racial hatred, so that something of benefit to all our children will be born out of this tragedy. Dr Muscat announced that Cabinet will be approving another scheme on Tuesday for social justice with a sector of workers, and this is possible because of the state of the country’s wealth.

The Prime Minister declared that out of a story of fear in the case of April’s racist murder, the country can now plant a tree of hope, a change in which each and every one should form part. Dr Muscat added that despite the challenges felt by some in integrating with foreigners, we have to understand tht integration is the only way forward. The Prime Minister warned that other countries which have segregated dark-skinned persons, realised after 20 years that they had sown hatred. The Prime Minister recalled that hundreds of Maltese families have adopted dark-skinned children who are now Maltese and Gozitans. The speaker appealed for everyone to love these children just as much as other children.

The Prime Minister stressed that the murdered migrant and the other two migrants who were injured had not done anything to anyone. Dr Muscat added that there is a need for reflection on all this, whilst appealing against allowing anyone to sow extremist ideas, and also calling for a stop to smiling at those who sow hatred.

The Prime Minister referred to speeches by those who were sewing hatred against foreigners who had come to Malta to carry out work which was not being done by the Maltese. Dr Muscat added that it is easy to classify persons into the ‘them’ and ‘us’ mentality, but stressed on the need to seek that which unites rather than divides us, and continued to urge the Maltese to always show love.

The Prime Minister stated that he wanted to see all Maltese and Gozitans become affluent as well as wanting to see social mobility, leading to our children being even better than us. Dr Muscat added that for all this to happen, the country needed to continue creating wealth and employment. The Prime Minister pointed out that wealth is important for the people to lead better lives, with more social accommodation, and with people affording to pay rents and the elderly living better lives with pensions which, he added, Governent was going to increase again.

Dr Muscat reminded that this Government was making good for the mistakes and injustices and over-taxing by the Nationalist Government, and referred to cheques being given to manual workers and to members of the forces of law and order. The Prime Minister added that this Government had an element of positiveness rather than hatred, and was ready to overcome challenges. The Labour leader stressed that if others did not have a plan and worked through hatred and through lies and falsified documents, the answer should be the vote in favour of all Labour candidates on Saturday.

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