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Not guilty of keeping illegal zoo after tiger attacks boy

A sentence handed down against contractor Charles Polidano has been confirmed by the Court, which acquitted him in the case of an incident at the Montekristo Animal Park when a five-year-old boy had been attacked by a tiger.

The sentence has been confirmed by the Court of Appeal.

Polidano had been arraigned in Court together with Michael Mercieca and Muhammad Saleem, being both the persons who used to look after the tiger and who had been holding the tiger on a leash on the day of the incident.

On a Sunday afternoon back in November of 2015, a five-year-old boy who was in the Park had approached the tiger, who happened to be out if its cage because it was unwell. The tiger had attacked the boy and had caused him facial and cranial injuries, and as a result, the boy had been transferred to Mater Dei Hospital for treatment.

After Polidano and his staff had been arraigned in Court and charged in regard to this incident, Polidano on his own had been charged with illegal operation of an animal park, and with having in his possession a number of animals which were not permitted in Malta.

Polidano and Michael Mercieca had been acquitted of all charges by the Court of Magistrates in July 2018.

Saleem had been found guilty and had been given a conditional discharge for three years, with the Court stating he should have shown more responsibility when handling the tiger.

The Court also took cognizance of an out-of-Court settlement between Polidano and the family. It further stated that from submitted evidence, the Prosecution had failed to prove Polidano had been responsible for the tiger.


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