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Not only races… demolition event attracts hundreds of enthusiasts

Covid-19 has led to the cancellation of a number of sport events, mainly those relating to car races. Last Saturday, hundreds of car enthusiasts gathered under artificial lights at the ‘Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi Karozzi’ track to watch the demolition event of small vehicles.

42 cars were registered for the event, however only 28 made it on the starting line, following inspection on all vehicles by a technical team a day before the event.

John Micallef, Vice President of ASMK, said the cars are kept there all night, with police protection, before the event starts the day after. The track is watered in order to reduce the cars’ impact on each other while the event starts at eleven in the evening under artificial lights, as organisers monitor that the drivers respect regulations.

“Regulations are there so that no one is injured, for example when a car is idle for two minutes the driver has to exit the car because it will remain undamaged while others are damaged. They also wear protective clothes”.
Another regulation is that a driver is immediately disqualified if he bumps into the side of the driver of another car.

Association secretary, Johann Pace, said that four similar events are organised annually however the association is engaged in 39 activities spread on three motorcycle championships and a car championship.

Saturday’s car demolition event was won by a newcomer in the race: Christian Cardona who managed to keep his car racing after twenty two minutes of the event.

ASMK is also organising a training school for children at Ta’ Qali in trials, skills and techniques on motorcycles.