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Nothing is keeping PM from publishing Magistrate Aaron Bugeja’s report – PN

The Leader of the Opposition and the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia, said that with the Court’s decision there is nothing keeping Prime Minister Joseph Muscat from publishing the report of the Egrant inquiry by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, because he said the Court had concluded that the report is of public interest. Dr Delia asked what Dr Muscat is afraid of and why he is still hiding this report.

Speaking at a political activity in Msida, Dr Delia said that now Dr Muscat wants to discuss abortion because the PN has exposed the manifesto of the European Socialists to impose abortion. The Opposition Leader said that on Monday night in Parliament there was meant to be a discussion on the protection of the embryo and instead the Government closed Parliament because it did not wish to discuss anything.

Dr Delia said that after hijacking other institutions, the Government was now also trying to hijack Parliament. Dr Delia said that the Government will not succeed in shutting up the PN because it would continue to speak up until the truth reaches the people.

He referred to the Labour billboard which shows someone pressing the panic button, and pointed out that it was Dr Muscat who was pressing the panic button and who does not want to debate on Xarabank on Friday about air pollution, the destruction of the environment and the increase in traffic. He invited Dr Muscat once again to accept Xarabank’s invitation so that the people can see who has the best ideas and who truly loves young people, the workers and the future of the country.

The Opposition Leader said that Dr Muscat has lost control of the country and the economy and is afraid of losing control of the Labour Party. Dr Delia added that the upcoming elections are not a battle between the parties but the people can send a signal to the Government to change its attitude.

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