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Notte Bianca: 50 different shows and events around Valletta

More than 200 local and foreign artists will be staging a series of artistic performances in 50 different events around Valletta at Notte Bianca which will be held on 5 October. Artistic director Antoine Farrugia said that this year’s Notte Bianca had a new branding based on a passion for art and would offer the public an opportunity to plan their programme ahead, so as not to waste time. He also explained that the performances would cover current themes with a large variety of artistic genres.

Farrugia: “a dance from “Zfinmalta” that will reflect the scourge of human trafficking, a Spanish circus which will be set up at Fort St. Elmo where we will see a mix of history and contemporary art; we have many street performers known throughout Europe which will be performing two shows which are not to be missed and the event in St George’s Square which will transform into a concert venue from this evening and will stage pop, folk, rock and blues concerts.”

This time round, the public will even be able to watch a show inside the Courthouse, called the girl who stood out (it-tfajla li stunat). Minister Owen Bonnici said that preparation and work on Notte Bianca had been going on for months.

“There is collaboration with all entities in Valletta; a lot of work goes in to this event for Valletta to be given a make-over during Notte Bianca, one which manages to showcase the beauty of various places. Suffice to say that there will bee more than fifty events being staged at the same time, with more than 200 performing artists – some of them foreign – who will put up a show for the Maltese and Gozitan people “,

City Mayor Alfred Zammit said that residents of the town were not against cultural activities but wanted to know the programme beforehand. He urged the public to use public transport and even the ferries from Sliema and Cottonera.

Notte Bianca will be held in collaboration with Festivals Malta, the Valletta Cultural Agency, the Ministry of Culture and the Local Council.

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