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‘Now is the time for the PM to show whether he is capable of taking decisions for good governance’ – PN leader

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has stated that now is the time for the Prime Minister to show how capable he is of taking decisions in favour of good governance. Dr Delia asked what the Prime Minister will be doing about Minister Justyne Caruana after it was revealed in the media that her husband, former Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta, had gone abroad with the alleged mastermind behind the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Dr Delia criticised the choice of the members of the Committee for Governance, saying these persons cannot carry out scrutiny on themselves.

The Opposition leader stated that now is the time for Prime Minister Robert Abela to show he truly believes in good governance, that he wants to start afresh and is the Prime Minister of a normal country.

Dr Delia was referring to revelations in The Sunday Times that former Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta, who is the husband of Minister Justyne Caruana, had travelled abroad with Yorgen Fenech when Fenech had already been identified as a person of interest in the investigations into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

During a political activity in Naxxar Dr Delia said the Prime Minister should state whether he was aware of this information when he appointed the Cabinet and whether it was acceptable for him that Justyne Caruana should remain a Minister.

The Nationalist leader criticised the choice of Minister Owen Bonnici and Mario Cutajar on the Committee for Governance. Delia added that as Minister for Justice, Dr Bonnici has not allowed the institutions to operate freely, and Mario Cutajar as head of the civil service had taken upon himself another job and salary, in contravention of regulations. Delia added it was not possible for these two persons to carry out scrutiny on themselves.

Dr Delia stated that the Prime Minister should have sacked the Police Commissioner, rather than thanking him. He added that te ex-Commissioner should be investigated about cases of corruption, money laundering and criminality at Castille.

The Opposition leader stated that Dr Abela should state what action he plans to take about Nexia BT and about Karl Cini when the Egrant report said the latter should be investigated. Delia added that when the Opposition had long been condemning the presence of Nexia BT inside Castille, Dr Abela was benefitting from government contracts to the tune of thousands of euro. Delia added that the Opposition would not accept that backbenchers would continue to be given Government contracts or placed on boards.

Dr Delia concluded that if within a period of a few months Government will not manage to rectify the damage that had been done, this would mean Malta would remain on the blacklist permanently and this, in turn, would mean no serious investors would choose Malta. Delia added that the battle was not between two parties, but rather, it was to save Malta’s reputation so that the country would once again move in the right direction.

Dr Delia added that from the Opposition, the Nationalist Party had already made recommendations to strengthen democracy and good governance through 15 proposals which are already finding support among the social partners and civil society.


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