“Now that Juan is back at home with us, we feel a sense of peace” – Antoine and Solange Magri

The parents of baby Juan, who died two weeks ago, have said that now that their baby has been cremated and is with them at home, they are at peace.

Solange and Antoine Magri said they were grateful for the support and donations they received, through which baby Juan was cremated in Sicily, as it was their wish, ever since finding out about their baby’s unfortunate fate.

Two weeks have passed since Juan Magri closed his eyes for the last time in the Rainbow ward of the oncology hospital, embraced by his parents Solange and Antoine.

Juan died of a rare incurable tumour with his parents having to accept and come to terms with the cruel reality that their son would not return home with them.

The father confesses to News Centre that it was a tough decision but one that had to be made.

“On the day of the funeral, he was taken to the mortuary … we took him to Sicily for cremation … someone came for him and they carried out the process … and we went up on Saturday and picked him up and got him back home with us.”

Antoine said he felt the move was a good decision for his family.

“I don’t know if it’s psychological, but from the moment he came home, I feel more at peace.”

Solange’s mother Now that she has gone through the cremation process in lieu of a burial service, Solange told us how she feels.

“Since being told about this condition, the first thing I thought of was cremation … for me being here with him, make me feel so much better … and I hate the thought of burial … it is really cruel. Now I can look at him and see his photo and he is here with me “.

The couple Antoine and Solange said they will never forget the support they received from both the doctors and medical staff and from Puttinu Cares who continued to assist them not only during the suffering of baby Juan but even after the funeral.

Solange said that after what the family had experienced they hope to give solace to other parents who go through this suffering.

“I receive great courage from others, the amount of people who have lost a baby and are still suffering to this day; it gets easier perhaps but it’s always there, in your heart. So take heart… the hardest thing is to see children your suffering … but life must go on – you can’t stop here ”.

Solange and Antoine Magri, with the ashes of their baby Juan, surrounded by the soft toys he received after he was born and with their daughter Hazel, feel like a candle has been lit up and is flickering with a message of hope and courage.