Number of parents who report domestic violence by their own children has increased

The Domestic Violence Unit within the Police Force is receiving an average of five reports daily. However, Inspector Eman Hayman said that the unit is noting new trends, namely that more parents are coming forward with reports of domestic violence committed by their own children.

In eight months the statistics have not changed much. In January TVM revealed that in the first three months since it was set up the Domestic Violence Unit was receiving five reports a day. From 1 January to 31 August, more than 1000 people have been arraigned in Court accused of domestic violence. Out of these, 264 were women and 821 were men.

In comments to this newsroom, Inspector Hayman who leads the unit expressed his belief that although the statistics have remained the same, five reports daily are worrying. He said however that the existence of this unit is encouraging victims to come forward to the police with reports of domestic violence.

“People are more conscious of the service and the need to file a report, and the tendency for the victim to take legal advice is also increasing.”  The Inspector added, however, that the Police are noticing new trends.

“Apart from domestic violence in a marriage or relationship, there are other realities, with children committing acts of domestic violence against their ow parents. Apart from children who are minors we also have children who are adults, in their 20s and early 30s with a drug problem which has ruined them…they still live at home and so the emotional and physical abuse towards their parents starts.’

Asked what happens to legal proceedings once the victim forgives the aggressor, Inspector Hayman explained that in that case, the Court decides whether the case should continue or not, once the main witness in the case is the victim. If the case is dropped, he explained that the Police will have to withdraw protection and apart from that, it cannot arraign the aggressor on the report which would have been filed.

He explained that the cycle of violence, forgiveness and violent abuse always tends to escalate and becomes more serious.