Number of patients infected with Coronavirus in Malta goes up to 151

The number of patients infected with Covid-19 has been increased by two, pushing up the total number of persons infected with the virus to 151.

This was confirmed by Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci during today’s media conference.

A total of 585 swab tests were carried out yesterday, which is a new record. Professor Gauci pointed out that today’s small number of new patients is not an indicator that the situation will not escalate.

The Superintendent again appealed for the public’s cooperation and warned that although the controls in place are working at this point, Malta is still “at the start of the curve”, which means the number of cases could go up suddenly if the people relax their attention.

The new cases involve a 35-year-old Maltese woman, who besides suffering from both fever and diarrhoea, also lost her sense of taste. The woman had not travelled abroad, but a relative came back from England and started showing symptoms. This family had quarantined themselves, and a person in the same family with existing medical conditions had gone to live elsewhere in order to avoid becoming infected.

Another case involves a 39-year-old Maltese man who had not been abroad, but who had contact, at his place of work with a private company, with someone who had been abroad and had the symptoms. The authorities are carrying out contact tracing in order to identify the persons who might have come into contact.

There are presently five cases in the ITU, including the elderly 72-year-old man who is still in a critical condition. Two other persons are stable and do not need a ventilator, and the 61-year-old who had been admitted to the ITU is no longer there.

Professor Gauci stated that the fifth person admitted to the ITU is a person with symptoms of Covid-19, but whether this person is positive for the virus has still to be established.

Gepostet von Television Malta am Sonntag, 29. März 2020