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Number of working females has tripled, foreigners have quadrupled

Statistics and numbers give a clear picture of changes in society. The National Statistics Office has just issued a very practical publication with details about social, environmental and economic changes in recent years.

Up to the end of last year, Malta had a population of nearly half a million persons, a 20% increase when compared to ten years ago, whilst the number of foreigners during the same period has gone up from four to 17%.

This is one of the trends outlined in this publication by the National Statistics Office and presented in a practical and simple to understand way.

NSO Director General Etienne Caruana explained that the publication shows the challenges and acquisitions made by Malta in recent years, as well as social, environmental and economic changes.

“The economy in recent years showed major growth, which in turn brought about many changes; immigration has increased, so much so that Mata’s population is the densest in Europe, and naturally, the greater the population growth, the more major challenges on the infrastructure.”

NSO officials noted, among other issues, that in 2018 the rate of persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion was 19%, with one-fourth being persons over the age of 65 years.

NSO Officer SueAnn Scott Drago added that at the same time there had been a substantial increase in the number of women on the labour market. “Today we have a 61% employment rate for women; ten years ago this was 23% less.”

In regard to education, last year students in formal education numbered in excess of 80,000. “In particular, those over the age of 25 have increased by nine per cent, ad the number of students attending courses in tertiary education has also increased.”

In the tourism sector, the number of visitors has nearly doubled in the last ten years, to a total of 2.5 million last year, and the length of stays on average has gone down by 1.5 days to about seven days.”

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