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Numbers have to be written in the middle of the box on the voting document…

Just three days away from Voting Day, 43,000 voters have still not collected their voting document for the European Parliament elections, and 96,000 voters still have to collect their voting document for Local Council elections.

Whilst explaining the electoral process, including the electronic vote counting system, Electoral Commission officials have appealed for voters to write their numbers of preference on the voting document in the middle of the box, near the candidate’s name.

The Electoral Commission is proceeding with the final touches at the Naxxar Counting Hall, in preparation for the weekend electoral process.

The Principal Electoral Commissioner, Joe Church, explained that in the elections of five years ago the results had taken four days to be published. Mr Church added that in Saturday’s election vote counting will be carried out electronically, and the official result will be known at a much earlier stage.

“We started working to have a faster and more accurate system in operation in terms of results and figures for publication. This will ensure that the whole process will not be of long duration. Our aim is to come out with final results on Sunday itself.”

Asked whether the Electoral Commission had faced any hitches during the early voting in homes for the elderly and in the prisons, Mr Church replied that everything had gone according to plan.

“During the day there might be something which does not proceed perfectly, and one rectifies this; there were no major issues, however, and we are satisfied with the whole procedure.”

Commission figures show that 42,927 person had not collected their voting document for the European Parliament elections, whilst 96,000 voting documents for Local Council elections still have to be collected.

The Electoral Commision is advising voters in Malta to collect their voting document from the Naxxar Counting Hall, and voters in Gozo to do likewise from the I.D. Card Office in Rabat. The electorate can do this up to midnight of Thursday.

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