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Offers his wife for sex to make good for €6 purchase

A man who went shopping at a grocery outlet in St Venera offered his wife to the shop owner for sex, saying he did not have enough money to pay for a €6 purchase.

This story came out in Court when 46-year-old Themistocles Attard was charged with carrying out a hold-up at this outlet.

It was stated in Court that on 8 December Attard went to the grocery outlet to make a purchase, together with a woman who he said was his wife. The bill came to about six euro, but Attard said he did not have enough money, and offered his wife for sex as payment.

The shop owner refused, and a short time later, Attard again turned up at the outlet with a different woman who he said was prettier than the previous one. He again offered the woman for sex as payment for a bottle of whisky, and the shop owner again refused.

On the third occasion Attard appears to have changed tactics, and instead of offering sex threatened the shop owner which what looked like a firearm. He managed to take the cash register, which contained 500 euro, and got away from the scene.

Attard is pleading not guilty, with his lawyer stating Attard was going through difficult circumstances, as his wife has been ill for years and he has a drug habit.

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