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OHSA issues new guidelines on safe use of tail lifts

The Health and Sfety Authority has launched new guidelines regarding safer use of tail lifts. The OHSA stated that whilst tail lifts may apear simple to use, if not used properly this equipment may damage merchandise and possibly also cause injury. The OHSA further stated that injuries can vary from slight to fatal. It was therefore important for tail lifts to be used in an adequate manner.

The OHSA stated that the guidelines include legal requisites in the use of tail lifts, include adequate training before an operator starts using tail lifts, besides regular inspection and maintenance. The Authority stated that tail lifts used solely for transport of merchandise should be ispected annually, whilst those used also by persons have to undergo six-monthly inspections. Guidelines also state that operators of tail lifts should have access to operating manuals at all times.  Workers using tail lifts should also be conscious of dangers.

The Authority is also providing information on records which should be kept regarding maintenance and repairs to tail lifts. It adds that inspection reports should also be kept, including those relating to weight testing. There should also be records regarding training of operators, and all records should be kept for two years.

Safe use of Tail Lifts