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Oil leaks from vessel that ran aground off Mauritius

Mauritius has declared a state of emergency after a vessel ran aground off the island’s coast on the 25th July and oil started leaking from the ship.

Crew members of the MV Wakashio were evacuated after the vessel ran aground on a coral reef off the Indian Ocean island. Huge amounts of oil have leaked from the vessel into the sea.

Mauritius Prime Minister, Prasvind Jugnauth declared an environmental state of emergency and appealed to French President Emanuel Macron for assistance as the island nation lacks skills and protection measures to deal with such circumstances.

Mauritius is situated near the French island of Reunion.

Mauritius is famous for its coral reefs and tourism is crucial for the island’s economy.

Environmental organisations said that thousands of animal species are at risk of drowning in the polluted sea with a great impact on the economy, the country’s food and health safety.

The Japanese-owned vessel, which is registered in Panama, although it was empty when it ran aground, had 4,000 tons of fuel on board.

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