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Old building in St Vincent de Paul restored to house three new wards

More than one hundred elderly persons will during these days use for the first time three wards which have been restored at Rużar Briffa hospital with a €6 million investment. This is the first phase of a project which continues with the modernization of another three new wards leading to an increase in beds.

The wards at Rużar Briffa, which forms part of St Vincent de Paul residence, were not only modernized but furnished with the latest technology for the elderly while the new design added 44 beds.

St Vincent de Paul chief executive, Dr Josianne Cutajar, described the project as an ambitious one due to the use of a 125-year old building, which was conserved for its architectural prestige.

“We wanted to transform the inside parts of the building in three high level wards which will offer high quality treatment to elderly persons, in a modern environment and furnished with the latest technology in the sector”, Dr Cutajar said.

The project considered mostly accessibility to bathrooms for elderly persons with high dependency, the residents’ privacy and space for recreation in a more spacious and safe environment, which is intended among others for elderly residents suffering from dementia.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly, Anthony Agius Decelis, said the project will continue with the second phase, which includes three other wards with 130 beds with an investment of another €7 million.

“We are here in a state of the art in gerontology services, and the second phase will upgrade the level of these wards similar to that achieved in Rużar Briffa”, the Parliamentary Secretary stated.

In four years, St Vincent de Paul workers carried out work on 11 wards and other projects including a laundry, various warehouses, the training centre, new clinics and the mortuary.

Family Minister, Michael Falzon, expressed satisfaction that the works were completed according to schedule within 18 months, saying the care of the elderly people is carried out in a sense of respect for their contribution to society.

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