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Old school friends collect money for former classmate who requires special treatment

Almost 50 former classmates who were at school together 26 years ago, have joined forces to help one of their friends who requires special treatment in Spain which will cost him more than €70,000. In just over a month, the students managed to collect 80% of the sum and now they need to make the final effort to reach their target so that their friend can recover and continue to enjoy his family.

After secondary school many studnets who would have spent between 5 – 10 yeas in the same classroom go their separate ways as many take different courses or join the workforce.

That is what happened to 50 students from St Edward’s College, some of whom last met 26 years ago.

Gian Karl Farrugia and Alex Arrigo told us that it had to be the serious, rare disease of one of their classmates to bring them back together again after all these years to help their friend, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Alex Arrigo said, “we decided to get together to try and do something to collect funds so that he can live a better life.”

On his part, Gian Karl Farrugia said, “after we spoke to him and his wife we found out that that he needs round €75,000 for his treatment abroad and, because of the nature of the treatment, the funding has to be from private sources.”

47 out of more than 50 students who were in the same year at school began an initiative they called ‘Hope’, to collect money online and through word of mouth and, within five weeks. they had collected more than €66,000.

“Obviously like in every race, the hardest part is towards the end,” said Alex Arrigo.

The students, who today are 42 years old, told us that they were impressed by the generosity and support they had found from former students who attended De La Salle college, which historically has a great sporting rivalry with St Edward’s. Over the last few days, more than €1,000 were collected for the father of two small children so that he can be sent for the treatment in Spain as soon as possible.

Dontions can be sent to a BOV account with the number 40025324417 or online to

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