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Homeless mother achieves two diplomas and is now in employment

As a child she was brought up in an institute and now as a mother of two children she has ended up homeless because of domestic violence. With the support of the
Fondazzjoni Dar il-Hena, Caritas and the Fondazzjoni Alfred Mizzi, the 26-year-old woman has now achieved two diplomas, has commenced employment and will soon be reunited with her two children.

She was only six when Jane because of various family problems was consigned to various homes for children and occasionally with her grandparents. She confided that even as a child she had run away from home in the hoping of finding a family environment.

Later she entered into a relation and had two children but life continued to be cruel because the relationship was an abusive one and caused her to leave home and seek help.

In a roofless state she suffered anxiety attacks, ended up in hospital and her two children were consigned to a home – separated from her.

With tears in her eyes Jane confided she resumed life through the programme ‘Reach’ organised by the Ministry for the Family in conjunction with the Fondazzjoni Dar il-Hena, the Fondazzjoni Alfred Mizzi and Caritas.

Through this support she achieved two diplomas related to mental health and through this learnt how to provide support for other persons.

Cuddled up to her two children, Jane said she intends to do everything possible to avoid her children experiencing the traumas she had undergone.

The ‘Reach’ programme has been operating for the last three years and has helped homeless persons. Spokesperson Roberta Gellel said that during the three years over 600 persons have been given support together with a number of children and all had completed the programme successfully and besides being given emotional support many had succeeded in finding employment and also finding a place to live.