Aged nine, Liam Debono was given drugs by his mother to keep him quiet – Police Inspector

As the compilation of evidence against Liam Debono continued on the accusation that he almost killed Traffic Policeman Simon Schembri, the Court heard how the youth has been abusing drugs since he was aged nine.

Police Inspector Malcolm Bondin testified in front of Magistrate Joe Mifsud and said that when Debono was found by the Police and RIU after the incident last May in Luqa, there were items in the car he was driving that are suspected to be linked to drugs.

He said Debono admitted this was cannabis resin and that it belonged to him while he also admitted that he has been smoking three to four grams a day since the age of nine as his mother used to give him a supply to keep him quiet.

It was also revealed in Court that Debono had threatened a Police Official in a separate case after having been arrested when he was riding a bicycle that had no brakes and no pedals either.

Lawyer Amadeus Cachia requested bail for Debono now that all the witnesses have testified in Court and therefore there cannot be any tampering of evidence and there was no chance that Debono may flee from Malta.

However, Magistrate Mifsud rejected the plea on the grounds of the serious nature of the incident, among other concerns, including that Debono could be sentenced to 40 years’ imprisonment and therefore this was cause for a risk that Debono could flee from Malta.