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On her 106th birthday, Maria recalls her younger days

Maria Farrugia of Hamrun is today celebrating her 106th birthday. Maria, who lives with her daughter Mary Carmen Muscat in Pieta’, told us she thanked God for still being alive, as she believes it was God’s plan to keep alive to this day.

Maria was brought up in Hamrun, and recalls the time when she used to wash clothes at the Ghajn tal-Hasselin, a communal washing area in Msida. She also remembers the railway in Malta. Maria was a first-class seamstress, and she used to do sewing for others in order to supplement the family income.

Maria was widowed when she was 54, and of her three children, only one daughter is still living, as her other two, Josephine and Angelo, both died at the young age of five years.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing, Anthony Agius Decelis, visited Maria on the occasion of her birthday.