On Serataron: Claudette Buttigieg tells viewers about how her trousers had split open!

In this week’s edition of Serataron, the Hon. Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Claudette Buttigieg will tell the audience what happened when her trousers split open during the popular ‘Shame on You’ game, in which Ron’s guests – who this week also include Gaia Cauchi and Tiktoker Kyle ix-Xiki, have to try and identify the most embarrassing story.

This week the Ronnies’ impromptu singing also involves Jacqui Losco, the programme’s co-presenter. Apart from Jacqui, Ron and the three guests, there are also another two special guests who will be shown doing the unexpected!

We will see why Ron wears different outfits, which character ix-Xiki will interpret, and why! There’s also the popular ‘What’s in the Box’ game, in which participants have to guess the contents simply by touch. And, yes – it might even be a living thing, as participants might also imagine some unpleasant animal. They will all be surprised, as we’re sure the viewers will also be once they see what’s inside the box!

This, and more, on the entertaining Serataron. Tonight on TVM at 8.50 p.m.