One in every four persons suffer from a mental disease

The Richmond Foundation organised courses for workers to help them be more aware of the consequences of mental diseases.

Health sector experts said that one in every four persons suffer from a mental disease during life that vary in the effects and consequences on patients and those around them, including colleagues and co-workers.

The Richmond Foundation therefore organised a series of courses in first aid so that workers can effectively intervene if they are aware of any signs that may potentially be destructive. The foundation’s chief executive, Stephania Dimech Sant said that through the courses, workers have received professional training that assist them in better understanding how to intervene in such cases.

She said: “As we know little about them or even because there is a stigma, many people choose not to speak on their symptoms and even because of behaviour of people around them”.

Sylvana Sant’Angelo is a worker who attended the course representing an insurance company. She said that the awareness and skills on the conditions helped her achieve sensitivity on how workers may be concretely assisted.

The courses were partially financed by Norwegian funds of the European Union.