‘One in four unknowingly suffer hearing loss’ – Audiologist

Audiologist Paul Vella said that hearing loss is a hidden problem because while a person imagines his hearing is fine, he might actually be losing his sense of hearing and starting to lose certain frequencies. He added that often when you finally realise you are suffering hearing loss, the problem has become a disability.

“If we had to go out today and ask four people, they will assure us that they have no hearing problems and that’s what they’d think and how they’d feel. Yet one of them, one in four, will suffer hearing loss without knowing it. ”

He says deafness is the most common medical condition in the world.

“As a percentage it exceeds heart problems, diabetes, mental illness problems, it is the most common disease in the world today. ”

Hearing is affected by smoking, drugs, excessive alcohol consumption but among the factors that most affect it is noise.

” 12 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 16 suffer hearing loss due to noise. They do not work in factories, do not work with jiggers or noisy machinery.”

He added that half of the people who suffer from hearing loss do not work in a noisy place. He explained that the problem arises because they are exposed to a lot of noise in a recreational way. In the case of children the most common is the use of headphones and stressed that the volume should be kept to the level that the ear can withstand.

He also called for those who work in a noisy place to use protective equipment. He stated that the biggest enemy of hearing is age.

“If one in three people between the age of 40 to 60 suffer hearing loss, after the age of 70 half suffer a hearing loss.”

He added that although one can never recover hearing. Various treatments help the learner to live with the condition and thus be able to cope with life.

He warned against using cotton buds to clean his ears because of the risk of scratching the canal leading to the brain with consequences that could be much more serious.