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One-stop-shop for educational services

The services provided by department and entities within the Ministry for Education and Employment are to be offered under one roof as the result of a one-stop-shop to be housed at the Floriana Ministry. This will also have a office to enable persons to have access to over 250 Government services.

This is the latest one-stop-shop initiative to be offered by the public service and will bring 53 different educational sectors varying from registration of children in schools, to psychological services against bullying as well as applications for LifeLong Learning and adult courses.

In launching the initiative, the Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said 250 Government services will be available through the digital portal Cutajar said that initiatives to bring Government services nearer to the public involve an investment of €40 million.

Cutajar said this investment is a strong one and looks at the future through technological lenses and will mean a one-stop service. Those data bases that are not related will be worked on to link them.

He said most questions posed on and telephone line 153 concern taxation issues, social benefits and education matters. Work is currently underway on two further one-stop-shops, one regarding services offered by the Ministry for Families and the other by the Ministry for Finance on taxation.

The Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo said this development will eliminate the inconvenience for the public seeking information or assistance regarding the education sector.


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